Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Self Control

There are days that I really ponder my little people. I have two boys who seriously struggle with self control. They don't come to me because of that, they come to me for academics. I have gone back and forth on how to deal with the two little people. I have the two boys sitting across from each other in my reading group, and everyday I debate about separating them. They are able to be managed because they're in close proximity of me, so I give them a new start everyday. Some days I'm worn out by the time they leave, but my thought is, "How can they learn self control if they don't practice?" It's a tough thing to juggle as a teacher.

Today we had an assembly. It was the first one I have attended with my own little people. Usually they go with their classes, but I wanted to have them clear up until the assembly so I told the teachers I would take them to the assembly and they would sit with me.

We lined up in my classroom and I said, "If I have to move anyone, you will be in big trouble." When they asked what kind of trouble I said BIG. I followed with, "Let's just say you don't want to know how big BIG is!" Since they have had me for one year already, they knew I was serious.

We entered the gymatorium and I let the two boys sit by each other, fully expecting to have them move before the assembly ended. I kept an eye on them throughout the holiday assembly and they did a REALLY good job. Of course, they kept watching me to see if I was watching them, but they did GREAT. I was SO PROUD of them! Of course, I couldn't make a big deal out of it because that would not have worked! But, I was happy.

I walked away from them with one thought...I think giving the little people opportunities to practice self control is a good thing. It's kind of like driving a car, you can't learn unless you practice it.

Today I was proud of the little guys. REALLY PROUD!


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