Friday, December 03, 2010

The Vault, Part 2

Last night I shared the first part of my story that I wrote during our 6th grade "Vault" Writing Time. Feel free to scroll down and read my post titled "The Vault" if you haven't already. This is the second installment in my story. I hope you enjoy it.

A lot of people stare at me when I walk because I walk with a limp. I had problems when I was born, and because of that my brain was affected. Some people say Cerebral Palsy is a form of Mental Retardation, but I am actually really smart. The Cerebral Palsy affects how I walk, and I look out of one eye at a time. I can read, write, and do math well. So, the Cerebral Palsy doesn't stop me at all.

At my old school, I wasn't different. I mean, I still had the limp, but the kids treated me as if I didn't walk differently. I played chase at recess and LOVE sports. I had a lot of friends and now I have to start all over. I sure hope I have a lot of friends here.

On my first day at North Oaks Elementary School, the principal seems really nice. She walks with my Mom and me to my new class. There are four classes in my grade, and she said we switch classes for some subjects. That makes me nervous because I don't like to switch classes. My Mom just grinned at me.

*Stay tuned tomorrow for the next installment. *grin*


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