Saturday, December 04, 2010

Favorite HOUR Of The Week

Every week I look forward to Saturday Night because it's my church night. Yes, my church, Forerunner Christian Fellowship, does a Saturday Night Service. For some of you, that doesn't sound like fun, but for me it's how I gain perspective on various things throughout the past week and get fueled up for the upcoming week. We have our "service" from 6-9:30-ish. I thoroughly enjoy the first hour, as Misty Edwards leads worship. Misty has been one of my all-time favorite leaders for years. (And tonight's half hour acoustic set was AMAZING!) After praying for each other, and listening to the message, we have a concert of worship/the prayer room from 10-12.

From 10-ish until I leave about 11-ish, Matt Gilman leads worship. I will admit that that hour is my FAVORITE hour of my entire week. In that hour, I meet God EACH week. It's incredible, and in so many ways something that can't be described in words. As I walked out tonight I got to really thinking about what an amazing hour that was tonight, and it made me think about Heaven. Actually, my first thought as I walked outside was, "I want to live in that atmosphere!" My second thought was, "Wow, Heaven's going to be even more AMAZING than that!" *grin*


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