Friday, January 07, 2011

Commercial Breaks!!!

What do you do during Commercial Breaks when you watch TV? Do you take the dog out? Do you use the restroom? Do you get a snack from the kitchen?

Well, I've done all of the above, but my favorite thing to do during Commercials is READ! Tonight I have enjoyed various television shows, BUT I have also enjoyed "I Smell A Pop Quiz" by Lincoln Peirce, the author of the Big Nate Comics and Books. I have REALLY enjoyed the book tonight! I didn't finish it, I'm on page 22, but it has been fun to reading it during the commercials. I am also excited because there is a KU basketball game this weekend, AND the Chiefs game this weekend! I will read even more of the book this weekend during the commercial breaks of the games! I love it!

Sometimes I read my chapter books during commercials, and sometimes it's a comic book. Tonight I have felt like laughing a lot, so the comic book has been A LOT of fun to read!

So, if you haven't tried reading during commercials, I highly recommend it!

Or you can just watch the commercials.

Nah, get your book out, it's more fun!


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