Saturday, January 08, 2011

A Little Fun

I have a little story to share tonight. On one hand I think it's funny, and on the other hand I don't. You'll see why in a minute.

I was leaving my school building on Thursday Evening and one of our Kindergarten Teachers yelled Good-bye to me from inside her classroom. The Kindergarten Teacher is a KU Fan, and has some really GREAT KU decor outside her classroom door. I LOVE the decorations, and have told her so a few times.

KUTeacher asked me if I saw what MUTeacher's Class had done to her small KU Flag. I turned and looked at the flag, and they had created an MU flag OVER her KU flag!!! Since I am a KU Fan, I didn't think that was right. KUTeacher asked me if I'd like to help her share the JOY of the KU Jayhawks! I immediately dropped my bag and I went and grabbed MY KU Flag out of my classroom! After getting the flag, I entered MUTeacher's Classroom, and KUTeacher was already decorating the whiteboard. I immediately hung the KU flag OVER the American Flag. Now, before you get all worked up, I did not harm the American Flag. I simply made it so that when the class came in on Friday they would have to salute the flag! *grin* KUTeacher decorated the board really well, and we left.

Friday Morning when I went in to school, KUTeacher told me right away the MUTeacher knew who it was! I figured that would happen, which was fine by me. MUTeacher's students know that I am a big KU fan. I'm outnumbered in that room daily, but it honestly gives me something to talk about with students who are not a part of my program, so I like it! In fairness, there are some good KU fans in that class, so I'm not completely alone or anything. KU fans are outnumbered in that class though!

Friday Morning right before announcements (before school started for the day) I went in to see what the kids thought of the flag. The kids clearly enjoyed the whole thing! (My apologies though to MUTeacher, next time we'll have it happen at the END of the school day so that the wild kids can just go home!) When I was in there, Orangeheadedkid told me I have to do something to get my flag back!

I just grinned. I knew that there would be some sort of payback. Being a KU fan is tough sometimes, but I can do it! *grin*

Guess what I have to do?

I have to wear an MU shirt to school!

Isn't that awful? Isn't that horrible? If I don't wear the shirt, I don't get my flag back!

I guess I'll wear the shirt one day this coming week.

That's okay though, the KU/MU FUN is not over!


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