Sunday, January 02, 2011


I have spent the past week praying about my ONEWORD for 2010. Last year my word was KINDNESS. Truthfully, kindness is my FAVORITE word in the entire English Language. It continues to be, even as we enter into 2011.

During 2010, I challenged myself by showing kindness to others. I realize that isn't much of a challenge, I mean, as a rule I am kind to others regularly. After The Beech Road Experience though, I found myself in an odd place with God because I was kind to the point of sacrifice, and got hurt during the last season of my life. During 2010, the Lord showed me this past year that it is okay to be kind, even if it's not reciprocated or appreciated the way it should be. I learned that He sees my heart and that's all that matters.

I listen to K-Love Radio and started doing something new in 2010. On K-Love, Mondays are known as MAKE A DIFFERENCE MONDAYS. So, on Mondays, I started giving encouragement cards out to people after work. Most of the time, God led me to give them out to other staff members. Everyone works so hard in my building, and I found that it was fun to leave cards in mailboxes for those that God highlighted to me. Occasionally, He would prompt me to give a card to a student who was struggling with something and just needed a little extra boost. It was REALLY fun, and I plan on continuing it during 2011.

After spending much time in prayer, I feel led to choose the word HOPE for 2011. After coming out of Onething 2010, I find myself more in love with God than I've been in a while, and realize how hard it has been to hope for things. I have been standing in faith for things from the Lord, and have often felt my heart hardened because it was too hard to HOPE again. I feel that 2011 is the year that the Lord wants me to HOPE for things again. I realize this will be a process, but I truly believe that 2011 is the year of HOPE for me again. *grin*


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