Friday, January 21, 2011

Shout Out to the Road Crews!!!


In light of all the Snowy weather, I have watched a lot more news. I try to watch The National News nightly, as that was a nightly routine in my house as a kid. I have definitely carried that into my adult life. I usually turn the channel to be entertained at 6, but when weather is questionable, I tune in as soon as possible.

Tonight I watched the news and people were complaining about how slow the road crews were working to get roads cleared. I was amazed. Perhaps I'm just blessed in this area, but we have had crews down my street fairly regularly. And honestly even if it took a little while, that's okay because no one HAS to go anywhere. I was taught by my Dad that there is absolutely nowhere we have to go. EVER. So, if you need to wait, that's okay. Just feel blessed you have a home to stay warm in while you wait.

So, tonight I want to say "Thanks" to those who work hard to keep our roads as clear as possible as soon as they can. I heard on KMBC that some crews will be called in and will be running on empty due to lack of sleep. I can only imagine! They will be back at work Saturday Night for the next round. THANK YOU ROAD CREW DRIVERS!

While Wes probably won't read this, I want to do a SHOUT OUT to Wes as well. Wes is the Handy Man who works for the Town Homes that I live in. Wes is in charge of snow removal on ALL the Town Homes and he is VERY efficient in the job! THANKS WES!

Finally, there is a boy who came by the other night and shoveled my driveway and walkway. Bailey you rock!!! THANK YOU!

Once again I am reminded about perspective. Some people think about the road crews and complain. I think about it and think, "Thanks, I really appreciate what you do!" *grin* No, they're not perfect, and I know they make mistakes, but I will admit, that's a job I wouldn't want to do!

THANKS TO EVERYONE WHO HELPS WITH SNOW REMOVAL!!! You're gonna be popular the next few days!


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