Monday, January 10, 2011


This morning I heard the phone rang at 5:00-ish, and was GLAD to hear it ringing! I know, it seems a little strange to hear someone EXCITED about getting an early morning phone call, but when it's a call announcing a SNOW DAY, it's a welcome interruption of sleep! I turned off my alarm clock, and went right back to sleep!

About 9:00 I awoke and enjoyed the day. I was actually productive, as I got ALL my paperwork for school done. It helped that I got most of it done yesterday, but it felt GREAT to put everything back in my backpack and know I don't have to touch it tomorrow! I will admit, I wish I had my school laptop here at home so I could get EVERYTHING done, but I know that God will give me the time I need on Wednesday to get it all done. *grin*

The rest of the time I have cuddled with Jay, enjoyed TV, surfed the web, and played with Jay in the snow. Playing with Jay in the snow was my FAVORITE part of my day. He ran around and played with the snow! It was so cute! I even walked around and encouraged him to run! At one point, I tied him up so I could bring in the trash can and get the mail. I went to undo the rope, and he got lose. Fortunately he's not super-fast in the deep snow, so I caught up to him fairly easily. While he was tied up, I did take a ruler out to see how high the snow was at that time. It was 2pm, and I had 4.5 inches in my lawn, in the area free of drifts. I just laughed. It was all SO pretty!

About 5 o'clock I started wondering about whether or not we would have school tomorrow. I got a text about 5:15 from a friend saying she had read that school was closed for tomorrow. Sure enough, within fifteen minutes, I received the automated phone call.


AND all my homework is done!


Oh, and just so you know, I do love teaching the little people. I just enjoy an unplanned day (or two) off work! *grin*


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