Tuesday, February 08, 2011


Last week, Jay had a small rash on his underside. I decided to just keep an eye on it, because it wasn't very big at the time. Over the weekend, he started licking it constantly. I meant to call Dr. Placke, the vet, yesterday. Well, the day got away from me and I got home after they had closed. I promised him I would call today.

Today I called and we got in to see Dr. Placke this evening. Through a series of questions and a culture of the rash, he was diagnosed as "fine." I was SOOOOO happy! He also has a small bone sticking out on one of his legs just under the skin, kind of, so he now has to lay with an extra blanket under him. From what I can tell at the moment, he's enjoying the extra pampering. *grin* He also has the joy of Cort-Aid for the next few days.

I expected the whole thing to cost about $20. Well, due to the culture, the exam, and the cost of the new bag of TD's, the total came to $78! I was fine with that, as it meant that he is okay AND I don't need to be concerned anymore.

After all, he is my furry kid.


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