Friday, February 25, 2011

A Book Review and a Prayer Request

Tonight I wanted to post a book review and a prayer request.

First, the book review! I finished the book "Unlocked" by Karen Kingsbury. It is a Christian Book about a young man with Autism who discovers happiness in music. While I don't want to ruin the ending, I will say it was one of my favorite books ever! (Of course, what do you expect when you combine a Christian Book with an Autism storyline?) *grin* At the end of the book I thought, "Could that really happen?" And at the end of the book Karen shared that she knew of a child who had something similar happen to him. And, it made sense. (Have I made you want to read it yet?) *grin* Go ahead, check it out. I was HOOKED on it! You won't be disappointed!!!

Secondly, I am still not feeling 100%. This is crazy! Tomorrow will mark one week of feeling under the weather. I don't feel horrible, but my glands are still swollen. Today's unexpected Snow Day was a gift from God. I can tell I'm not me because all I want to do is lay around and watch TV. Typically I do schoolwork, read, or play with Jay while I do that. No, not this week. Sleep and/or just laying around is all I want to do. I pushed myself to go to work on Thursday and haven't run a fever since Wednesday, but I'm still not 100%. So, if you could say a prayer, I would REALLY appreciate it! THANK YOU!

As for me, I think I'll lay back down. Ugh. Jesus, do your thing. This is not my idea of fun.

GREAT...when you get a Snow Day and you're not feeling 100%!

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