Sunday, February 06, 2011

Shuttle Fun!!!

Today I woke up and went to drive shuttles. After driving shuttles 17 months, I still LOVE it! My favorite moment today was during my first drive from The Prayer Room to FCF. After RUSHING to get in the shuttle at the Blue Ridge Building and get to FCF really fast due to service just getting out, I didn't put any music in the CD Player. I got to FCF and the line was so long that I didn't get a CD in at that point either. Once I reached The Prayer Room after the QUIETEST shuttle ride EVER, I needed tunes!

As my passengers got off the shuttle and new ones boarded, I worked on getting the tunes situation resolved. I pulled out my Jon Thurlow CD and was about to put it in the CD Player when an Asian passenger moved into the seat next to me. Her friends moved into the seats right behind me as well. (When I looked back, I noticed that almost all of the shuttle had Asians on it!) I noticed that my CD wouldn't go in, so I ejected the current CD from the player. I looked at it, and it was the JOY CD, and I said to myself, "Oh, we can listen to that." I started to put my Jon Thurlow CD away, and this young lady in the seat next to me (my guess is that she was in her early twenties) looked at me, pointed to the CD in my hand, and said something like, "No, this one?" It wasn't rude, it was a request. I looked at her, and said, "Sure, we can listen to Jon Thurlow, I like his stuff." So, I went ahead and swapped out the JOY CD for Jon's CD.

I proceeded to announce on the radio that I was leaving, and started to pull out of the parking lot. The young lady clearly didn't speak much English, but said, "number 9?" I looked at her and asked her to repeat it. She held up her two mittens that covered all of her hands and said, "Number 9?" I just looked at her and said, "Oh, you want to hear Number 9 on the CD?" She quietly said "Yeah." So I put it on #9. What followed was something I will never forget...

About 4 Asians started singing the song, "Strong Love" with the CD. It was BEAUTIFUL. The song lasted the whole ride there, and it was AMAZING. I'm not sure how much English those young ladies really know, but it touched my heart that they learned Jon's songs in ENGLISH. It sounded AMAZING!!!

I know I loved it, and I can only imagine what God thought of it! It was PRICELESS in my book.


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