Saturday, February 05, 2011


Tonight I am absolutely in awe of God. It is amazing how I have almost lived here two years, and I still find myself telling God "Thank You for placing me at IHOP-KC." Tonight I went to service where Jay Thomas led worship (AMAZING) and then Allen Hood preached. You would think that by now I would just be like, "Yeah, that was cool" and go on with life. But EVERY time I'm in service here, I gain new knowledge, as well as grow closer to Him. Tonight's worship was fun. We wound up singing "Thank You Jesus" in several languages. It was incredible! I can't remember a time when I've been in a service where we sang to God in another language. That was COOL. It makes sense, it's the INTERNATIONAL House of Prayer. While we sang it, I thought to myself that it was kind of amazing that we had never done that before. Regardless, it was COOL!

During offering, we had a guest worship leader do the "Special" music. It was SO neat because he started out just doing a special like usual, and about halfway through it we were up out of our seats, singing! That's one of my favorite things about IHOP-KC, a normal moment can turn into the sweetest of moments because the Spirit is free to move. You're always allowed to worship during offering, but tonight EVERYONE was up singing by the end of it! It was one of those moments I will never forget.

Allen preached, which is always amazing to me. While I had already heard a lot of it, I was still inspired. Allen knows the Word in a way I don't, and it inspires me to come home and read the Word more after I hear him preach. At the end of Allen's sermon, we all stood (as usual) and I Thanked God for placing me here.

For seven years I prayed to be here. I pray that I never lose the awe of God like I experienced tonight.


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