Sunday, February 27, 2011

Shuttles and Oscars and Such

Today has felt weird. Not in a bad way, just in a different sort of way.

I got up and went and drove shuttles. That is always fun for me. I was surprised today at how many people I really do know around the IHOP-KC Community. People got on and off the shuttle and knew me by name. While I can't recall everyone's names as well as Slim can, I am recognizing faces, which is fun.

When it got slow, Slim hopped in my shuttle and we were able to talk with some neat people as they got on my shuttle. In fact, there was a gentleman that got on and wound up sharing his heart with us, so we stopped and prayed for him there in the parking lot! That's one of the things about IHOP that I love, we just stop and pray. Even as we prayed for the gentleman, others got on the shuttle, and they just waited. It was GREAT.

I came home and got things done and have been watching The Oscars. I will admit, I have not seen many of the movies, okay, okay, the only movie so far that I have seen that's been mentioned is Toy Story 3. *grin* However, tonight has been enjoyable. While I may not know a lot of the actors and actresses up for awards, I do know Woody and Buzz, who bring a smile to my face. *grin*


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