Wednesday, July 13, 2011



I can't believe that my time out at camp begins tomorrow. This summer is going by SO fast! I'm enjoying this summer, it's just amazing to me to think that tomorrow begins my time out at Camp! I'm both excited and (to be completely honest) a little nervous. But, it's that good kind of nervous. It reminds me of that feeling of the first day of school when you're nervous, but it's good all at the same time.

I have spent a lot of time praying for this upcoming week, and I'm looking forward to the campers and staffers that the Lord has for those of us that will be there the next 7 days! It's going to be different from anything I could imagine, which brings an absolute smile to my face. I know better than to think it will be like last year, because I have never had two years that were alike out there!

I have prayed over everything, from the lack of Pepsi & M&M's, to walking long distances, to the excessive heat and everything in between. I also know that you can't serve out there without God, and I know that I will be talking to God a lot while I'm out there!

I'm headed into the most spiritually, emotionally, and physically challenging two weeks of my year. And ya know what? I am going to LOVE every moment of it! *grin*

AWESOME!!! *grin*

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