Saturday, August 13, 2011

Forerunner Christian Fellowship

Tonight I went to my church, and LOVED it! Two years ago I moved here to be a part of IHOP-KC, and I STILL love it here! It's not perfect, I know that. At the same time, there isn't a perfect church anywhere either. *grin*

Misty Edwards led worship, and I was reminded (once again) that I'm "at home" here. The whole time we were in worship, I kept thinking, "I still can't believe I'm here!" I've never lost thought feeling, & pray I never do. Each service I draw nearer to God in one way or another, and I walk out different than I was when I walked in. *grin*

We had prayer time at one point, and the Lord had me pray for a young man. I started praying, and He gave me a word for the young man. I prayed, gave the word, and prayed again. It was SO MUCH FUN to be used by Him!!! It was clear that the word was right on, and that I was definitely hearing from the Lord.

I would say that's the thing I've grown the most in since I've been here. I LOVE praying for people, and I have grown in the ability to hear from Him and speak His word in other's lives. Of course, I only do so when He tells me to do so. For example, I prayed for another gal tonight, and He never gave me anything, so I walked away. It was still cool. He still moves at the sound of my voice so the prayer was still a blessing for the person. *grin*

The last hour of service Misty led worship. It was a really unique night, as the Lord was on Stuart while he was preaching, to the point of tears, so he called the worship team back up. Worship was INTENSE. I LOVED IT!

Yep, FCF. I'M HOME!!!


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