Thursday, September 22, 2011

Tutoring FUN

Today I had a NEW student enter my life. Last week I had a parent of a former student call and ask me if I would be willing to tutor a sibling of PASTSTUDENT. I was EXCITED to hear from them and said, "yes" immediately! This was clearly an answer to prayer, as I had just been talking to the Lord about missing the extra tutoring money. God always knows what we need, and who He has for us to fulfill that desire. *grin*

Today was my first day with TutoringKid, and I will admit that it was the HIGHLIGHT of my day. (Okay, the highest highlight was the email we received tonight saying we get a slight pay raise. *grin*) TutoringKid is a Regular Education Student, and we had SO MUCH FUN working on his project! I think it's good for me to occasionally spend time with kids that can learn without difficulties. I enjoyed my time after school in a very unexpected way. The student had his project almost completely finished by the time he left my classroom, and I had so much fun that when I looked at the clock time had flown by faster than it had all day long! *grin*

Thank You, Lord. I can tell this student is an answer to prayer.


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