Saturday, October 22, 2011


This weekend I was almost in Houston with friends at a Women's Conference. I REALLY, REALLY wanted to go. The Lord kept speaking to me the past month about not going, and I kept fighting Him on it. I REALLY miss my friends that are in Houston right now, and I REALLY wanted to get away for a weekend. HOWEVER, I learned long ago not to fight what He tells me, and to just do what He says. Tonight I understood why.

I went into Forerunner Christian Fellowship feeling a little sad tonight. I thought it was because I wasn't in Houston, but I'm not completely sure that that was it. I think I just needed a touch from Him. And, He met me.

Misty led worship, who is ALWAYS a favorite leader of mine. She leads in such a way that it's not about her, it's about Jesus. I LOVED it. God had her do songs that were favorites of mine, and I just grinned. I could go into it all, but basically tonight was a night for me and Him. I LOVED it, and felt at home. I stayed past service, and into the PRAYER ROOM.

The Prayer Room continues to be my favorite place on the planet. I doubt it makes sense to anyone who hasn't experienced it, or understands the depth of worship and prayer combined, but for me, it's HOME. Tonight was AMAZING.

I'll be honest, there are still things between me and Him that I'm still praying through, but tonight was something that I enjoyed AND needed. I LOVED IT.

I should crash. I get to do shuttles in the morning, and I will spend some time in the PRAYER ROOM after that.

I know that there will be other weekend conferences with Karen. For this weekend though, I know I'm where I'm supposed to be.

I'm home.


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