Saturday, October 29, 2011

Refiner's Fire

I am constantly amazed at what God teaches me. I find this is especially true at FCF. Tonight Misty's team led worship, and I LOVED every second of it. (I know, you're not surprised!) Her team did some of her usual stuff, but the stuff that gripped my heart was actually the older stuff.

She did the song "Refiner's Fire." I am amazed at how a song that I learned 14 years ago can still pierce my heart today, and draw me nearer to the Lord. I sang that song years ago during my OPEN HAND minister-of-transparencies days, and LOVED IT. Tonight when Misty went into it, I almost wondered where all that time went. *grin* Even more than that, I realized how much more meaning that song has to me today than it did back then.

Fourteen years into my walk with Him, I have seen and experienced so much. The phrase "I choose to be, Holy, set apart for you, Lord" is what got me tonight. That's something we've honestly been talking about. Sometimes I get frustrated because He calls me to a higher standard, and I am called to be set apart. Within that, sometimes (not always, but from time to time) it is a lonely road this side of Heaven. That won't make sense to you, but God understood what I meant tonight, and that's all that matters. And, in the midst of the dialogue, I felt encouraged. PRAISE THE LORD.


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