Sunday, October 30, 2011

A Divine Appointment

Driving shuttles is one of the best things I've done since I've moved here. I have met SO MANY amazing people on my shuttle, and I've gotten to pray with so many amazing people that I've felt so incredibly blessed to be in that chair. Some might think that sitting on a shuttle and driving back and forth from the Prayer Room to F.C.F. would be boring, but it's not. God has blessed me over and over again as I have served Him in this role in the past two-plus years. Today, I received the biggest blessing ever...

At the end of our driving time, I was in charge of doing "last call" at F.C.F. and taking the last group of riders back to the Prayer Room. A young man got on my shuttle and sat up front. It's not uncommon to have riders sit up front, so I thought that was cool. As we rode back to the Prayer Room, we made chit-chat about the weather, the leaves, etc. I had no idea who was sitting by me at first.

When we pulled up to the shuttle stop, everyone got off the shuttle, and I asked him his name. He paused and said, "You prophesied over me at Onething." Then it HIT me! Wowowowowow! I remembered him!!! I listened to him as he shared his heart about moving here for an internship, and how God's going to use him after his internship ends. I just sat there and was in awe of what God had orchestrated. I prayed for him TWO years ago at Onething. I prayed for him, He spoke through me to this young man, I prayed again, and walked off two years ago. Here he was sitting on my shuttle! I told God THANK YOU.

I was able to pray for him again, and give him a little wisdom I have gained in this fourteen-year relationship with Him. It was amazing. This young man has his whole life ahead of him, and he told me today that he had been looking forward to seeing me before he leaves after his internship. I pray I get to meet his wife and pray for the both of them before God moves them on to the next season of their life together.

What a divine appointment. On the weekend I talk to the Lord about how hard it can be sometimes to be set apart, I'm reminded how amazing it can be to be His vessel. *grin* AWESOME!!!


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