Saturday, November 12, 2011

Sitting at His Feet

Tonight I went to FCF, and REALLY enjoyed it. Misty led worship, and I REALLY enjoyed that. God has really anointed that young lady, and I draw closer to God every time I'm in a set where she leads. It was a lot of fun.

We had a guest speaker, and the sermon was really good. It was really deep. I will be digesting it for a while, and will post about it in a few days, I imagine. It was one that challenged me, and I was definitely closer to Him at the end of the sermon. YEAH, I LOVED IT!!!

Finally, Misty led the last hour, and that was my FAVORITE part! I love just sitting at His feet and singing. It's honestly my favorite thing to do this side of Heaven. I connect with Him just sitting at His feet. That was part of the word that actually came forth in the worship before the sermon. We were challenged with remembering to sit at His feet. I know for me, that was a very timely thing. *grin* That's incredibly cool in my book!

The Lord also blessed me right before I left, with 6 texts from Laura. The Lord really spoke through her to me. *grin* ONLY GOD CAN DO THAT!!!


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