Tuesday, January 10, 2012

God's Lessons Through Karen

Last week I had the privilege of having Karen here for four days. In those four days God taught me things that I truly believe God put her here, in part, to teach me. The bigger scope for her was to be trained for her mission field that's FINALLY going to come to pass in June! (Words can't express how excited I am for her!) At the same time, God deposited SO MUCH in me through my time with her that I doubt I could actually explain it to you, my loyal readers, in a way that you can understand.

One thing I can share is that God showed me the depth of what encouragement can do. More than once we went into a public restaurant, and God used Karen to encourage God's kids in unique ways that encouraged hearts. God taught me a lot in each encounter we had. I'm an encourager, it comes naturally to me, but I often stop when it comes to people I don't know. God showed me the depth of what it can do, even to people I don't know. I know one life in particular was blessed last week because Karen let God shine through her and encouraged that person in a really special way. I walked away from that conversation that night, telling God I want to be used by Him like that. (In my own unique way, of course. God uses Karen in her own way & I'm to do my own way.)

There are MANY other lessons too. None that need to be shared tonight, but suffice to say, everyday since Karen has left, I have thanked God for Karen. Friendships like hers are rare, and I thank God that she was here for a few days. It was four days I don't think I will ever forget. *grin* I like that.


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