Monday, January 09, 2012


During the last session of ONETHING, Lou challenged us not to take dreams for granted. He challenged us to take dreams as messages from the Lord. I realize for some of you, that is a stretch. However, for some of us, that's a very real thing. I've had dreams that were clearly from Him and have provided me with knowledge and/or wisdom toward various things in my life. Now, I don't think ALL dreams are from Him, but I do believe that some of them are definitely for us in today's world. Yesterday, I received a dream from someone else that enormously blessed me.

I got in my shuttle (LOVE Sunday Mornings!) and Chris told me (via radio) that I had been in a dream of his. I grinned and said "Cool, was I being used by the Lord?" To which he replied, "Well, sort of." He went on to explain the dream.

Apparently in the dream I was riding in a horse-drawn carriage, and I was throwing out coins to everyone around me. The number 5 was on the coin. Unfortunately I can't remember the rest of the dream, but I do remember what Chris told me about the dream. He said that he told his wife about it, and the number 5 means grace. He said that the Lord is pouring Grace over me continually as I pour out into others. I just grinned. God is SO COOL like that!

I feel as if I'm in a season where God just keeps revealing Himself to me in new ways. It's as if I'm walking into a new season with Him, and He just keeps blessing me over and over again.

In case you're wondering, after Chris told me the dream I said, "Hey, I receive that!" I grinned all day because God spoke through someone else's dream to me. I'm one blessed gal.


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