Monday, January 30, 2012


Saturday afternoon I was working on things for school, when Karen called. Karen remains one of my all-time favorite people, and it ALWAYS blesses me when the Lord gives me time with her. Needless to say, when I saw that the phone call was from her, I was just glad to hear her voice. (We both have busy lives, phone calls happen every so often but not everyday.) She stated that she had two tickets to see NEFARIOUS, here in the Kansas City area, and invited me to go along. I was grinning because I wasn't feeling led to FCF that night, and I had been perplexed by that. Once Karen invited me to the show, I knew why. *grin*

For those of you that don't know about NEFARIOUS, it is a documentary on the global sex trade. Now, I'll be honest, I was that kid in high school that HATED watching documentaries. They were movies that I tuned out of watching and daydreamed of other things. (Talk about transparency, eh?) This movie was NOT that kind of documentary.

I will admit, we arrived late (therefore, I want to go again so I can see the entire thing) but we saw a movie that has captured my heart in a way no other movie has affected me. I was taken on a journey with Benjamin and his team in this movie, and learned about various cultures and their view of children in relation to the sex trade industry. They also covered prostitution as well, which opened my eyes to an industry that I wasn't even aware of. It broke my heart in a way I didn't know it could be broken.

There's an entire world of pain and hopelessness for people that I didn't know about until Saturday night. As I watched the show, I felt an urgency to pray for people trapped in a lifestyle that they did not choose, but rather one that they are forced into. We are blessed in America in some ways that we don't even realize. Don't get me wrong, some trafficking occurs here in the U.S. too. (Not legally, of course, but it happens.) But we live like kings and queens compared to what I saw in this film. It opened my eyes in a way that I can hardly put into words.

You may be wondering how it ended. It actually ended on a positive way, with a realization that this doesn't have to be normal for people in the sex trafficking industry. Through prayer and God placing people strategically in various places, people are being rescued, set free, and set into after-care facilities to begin the long road to healing. It ended with stories of people who have done just that! God is a God of healing and restoration!

I HIGHLY recommend this movie for everyone to say. I turned to Karen after it was over and said, "I liked it, but didn't like it all at the same time." She knew exactly what I meant.

There's a NEFARIOUS website:

I plan on keeping a close eye for the next showing, as I want to see it again and hope to take a friend or two. This is a trilogy project, and I will be anxious to see the next two installments of this educational journey to freedom for those trapped in slavery today.

I thought slavery was over in the world. I was so wrong.

I'm praying daily for the rescue and restoration of those in human trafficking, and that they will see themselves worthy of the love of Jesus. Within that, I pray for an end to an industry who's foundation is found in greed and lust.

Not my typical post, I know. But, if we all stop and pray, things will change.

I'll keep ya posted on the next showing.

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