Saturday, January 14, 2012

Unexpected Blessings!

Yesterday we had a Professional Development Day for teachers while students had the day off. The students really lucked out this weekend with the snow day Thursday, they got a five day weekend out of the deal. *grin* As for me, I sort of enjoy work days without the kids. It always allows time to be with adults and sometimes get things done that isn't typically done in a school day.

On Thursday there were emails sent out to the staff for the staff meeting, as well as emails sent out to Sp. Ed. Staff as to what our expectations were for the day. As I read both emails, I thought I was supposed to be in the faculty meeting in the morning, and then do the Special Education things in the afternoon. I was actually looking forward to the day as the day began.

After our team-builder at the staff meeting, my principal pulled me aside. She explained to me that I was to do the Special Education work ALL DAY. I grinned. There was a LONG list of things to do. I said, "Are you okay with that?" She said yes! I was SO HAPPY!!!!!! It was an unexpected blessing for me!!! I LOVED IT!

I spent the day in my room getting things done, and honestly feel better right now about being caught up than I have been since starting my job here! I made a point to email the right people and THANK them for the day. That was a HUGE blessing for me!

My second blessing came later in the day. I haven't shared my recent switch of cable providers here at home. My previous cable company was robbing me, so I switched to U-Verse. I LOVE U-VERSE! It's a lot of fun to have, and I was even more excited about the price. However, when I opened the bill last month, I was upset. I was surprised to see the bill was TWICE what it was supposed to be. Nowhere on it did it explain what I was hoping it would say. So, yesterday I called. As many of you probably already know, they bill one month ahead. I was SO HAPPY to hear that! When the gal told me what my regular bill would be, I WAS THRILLED! Woohoo! I was SO HAPPY!!! It was SUCH a blessing to hear that! *grin*

God is so amazing! He's often in the big stuff, but He's also in the small things in life that matter to us. That's one of my favorite things about Him!


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