Saturday, February 25, 2012


Yesterday morning after JAG time I was headed up to the office to take care of something. The student I typically teach at that time was absent so I was going to get a few things done in that short little amount of time before my other students arrived. As I turned the corner to walk up to the office (I was already in the middle of our building, away from my classroom.), one of my students HOLLERED at me from the opposite end of the building. She ran to me screaming, "THE LIFESKILLS CLASS NEEDS YOU...SOMETHING'S REALLY SAD AND THEY NEED YOU." My heart started racing, because this has not happened here in L.S. before. I had visions of one of the LIFESKILLS students needing life or death care, and they needed me to cover the classroom. I started running, (Which is saying a lot because I. DON'T. RUN.) and my student met me, took my hand, and ran with me. (Rules, what rules, a kid is in trouble, right?) When we reached the LIFESKILLS room, she said, "NO, THIS WAY." Then I saw it. There was not an emergency. Everyone was fine. But what I saw, brought a *grin* to my face.

Our Medically Fragile students and staff were lined up, with KU SHIRTS ON!!! Of course, the students whose family's are MU fans had black and gold balloons attached to their wheelchairs. I just grinned and let each student know how proud I was of their shirts! It was amazing, and I grabbed my camera to get pictures for our end-of-year slideshow. *grin*

I tell ya, this KU/MU thing is serious business around here. KU better pull out this win this afternoon. Otherwise, I have some "deals" to settle with some people. *grin*


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