Sunday, February 26, 2012

You Move at the Sound of my Voice *grin*

I have so much running through my head tonight, that it's going to take effort to stick to my topic at-hand, I think. *grin* I love, love, LOVE days like today. They remind me of how close God is to us, and how HE MOVES AT THE SOUND OF OUR VOICE! *grin*

I remember right after I moved here, I was in one of Misty's Sets and she kept singing, "I believe that you move at the sound of my voice." I grinned and told God that I really believed that. Today, He reminded me that he does just that!

I was driving shuttles with some of my favorite people on the base, and Papa Bear asked me if I could drive shuttles tonight. I paused, and knew I couldn't. Well, I could, if I skipped PAPABEAR'S Birthday Party because I had a report to write for a meeting tomorrow. And, I REALLY didn't want to skip the party. So, I explained that to Papa Bear on our hand-held radios, and he said it was fine if I thought about it got back to him. I was tempted to do it, as he NEVER asks me to drive extra unless he really needs help. A little while later, my friend Slim got on my shuttle, and I told him that I wanted him to pray with me about tonight. He said okay. Literally, I said, "Lord, I ask that you will bring another driver for tonight. I ask that you will lay it on someone's heart right now to drive for me tonight...." Then we went on with our conversation.

NOT MORE THAN FIVE MINUTES LATER, one of the other shuttle drivers (who was new today) got ahold of me on the radio and said there was a gentleman by her who felt like he was supposed to drive shuttles tonight. *GRINNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN* Slim and I looked at each other, and gave each other a high five. We worked it out with Mitch (Who is a blessing from the Lord!) and had a grand time talking about the goodness of the Lord! God is SO amazing!

At the end of the shuttle shift, I took one last gentleman to the Overflow Lot. This man was my only passenger, and I knew he would be my last trip before parking the shuttle for the day. At the end of the ride, he asked if he could pray for me. I told him yes, only if I could pray for him too. *grin* After he prayed for me, I prayed over him and the Lord gave me a picture for him. The Lord has been using me in this capacity more and more, and I know that I may never know what a picture may mean. I'm just the vessel, and the only thing that's important is that I deliver the message. *grin* I asked him if he was open to that (As I always want to be respectful as to where a person's at, and if they're okay with this type of move of God.) and he said yes. What followed made ZERO sense to me, and by the time I prayed over the man (and the picture) he was in tears. It was God, ALL GOD!!! After the prayer time, the gentleman went on to share what he had prayed at the end of service, and that God had answered his prayer through what I had shared. GO GOD! THAT'S WHAT I'M TALKIN' ABOUT! *grin*

For some of you reading this, this is WAY out of your experience, and that's okay.

Whether or not you're used to this move of the Spirit, I want to encourage you.

God moves at the sound of your voice, no matter how little your request may be. Ultimately, I shuttle driver for tonight isn't life or death, but it was REALLY important to me. God knew that, and answered my prayer.

At the same time, you never know when someone else is praying and YOU may be the answer to their prayer.

To me, being used by God, and having him answer my prayers, are better than anything else this side of Heaven!

Once you experience it, you'll know exactly what I mean!


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