Wednesday, March 14, 2012


Today as I was cleaning the house, I pondered quite a bit about the Lord. He reminded me of a picture from my past that is worth sharing tonight.

When I was a kid, I loved playing sports. I never played for school or anything, but after school we would spend hours in various neighbor's yards playing games. One of my favorite games, if can believe it, was football. Now, the limp hindered me from running so I was always the quarterback. Go ahead, laugh, I have a GREAT throwing arm. *grin* I guess it was in grades 4-6 that I loved football. I wasn't the best player or anything, but it was fun.

In typical fashion, we would argue a lot about plays we had made during the game. Looking back, it is amusing what we found to be a HUGE DEAL, when in reality it never really was anything to fight about. However, when you're ten, eleven, or twelve, a play may be the biggest deal EVER. *grin*

There was a phrase we would yell A LOT...we would yell DO OVER! Sometimes this would bring about more arguing and sometimes it would solve the problem. I guess it depended upon who was playing and such. To be honest, I can't remember. But, I do remember, "Do over" seemed to work a lot. It was as if a mistake wasn't as big of a deal if you could try again.

The Lord is like that with us at the beginning of each day. One of my favorite things about the Lord is that we get to start fresh and new each and every day, no matter what happened the day before. We don't even have to holler "Do over" as we did on that lawn during our football games. He just loves us so much, He wants us to have a new start each day. *grin*

That's love on a level that not every human can give us. But, with the Lord, there is a love that is perfect & amazing.

I'm not sure who needed to read this today, but I do know that it was for someone to be encouraged today.

Go ahead, start each new day as a "Do over". I believe you'll find that some of the biggest concerns of yesterday are taken care of by Him in ways that will amaze you!


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