Sunday, March 25, 2012

KU in the FINAL FOUR!?!?

Tonight I sit here and am still grinning from the game earlier today with Kansas and North Carolina. I wish I could say that we entered the tournament and I KNEW we would wind up in the Final Four, but honestly I had prepared my heart for the team to be knocked out of the tournament somewhere along the way. Why, you ask? Well, because I followed the team all season, and it seemed that we choked a lot during big games. A lot may be a bit harsh, but it felt like a lot. I felt like under pressure, we didn't always play 100%. So, I figured this wasn't our year.

While I'm glad I was wrong, I look back and think about how sometimes we have unexpected surprises in life that make life fun. I consider following KU basketball fun, whether they win or lose. Winning today wasn't necessarily what I EXPECTED, but it has made me grin and wonder what might happen next. I guess it doesn't matter, it really is just a game. But, I have to admit, BEING IN THE FINAL FOUR IS FUN!!! *grin*

I'm going to enjoy this week, wearing a KU shirt everyday to school. (It's jeans week for us if we donated to Project Graduation!) I'm going to *grin* all week too.

The ironic part is that I'll be at camp this weekend, so I'll miss the game on Saturday. That's okay though. I mean, I didn't expect us to get this far & it's not like the need me to win. *grin*

I guess I'll end by saying ROCK CHALK JAYHAWK GO KU!!!

I love today's unexpected surprise!l! Kinda makes me wonder, what's next...


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