Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Walking, Walking, Walking

This afternoon I had another session of Physical Therapy, and I came home EXHAUSTED! That being said, it was the GOOD exhausted. You know, the kind that a person feels after working hard toward something worthwhile. That's exactly how I have felt tonight.

I'm doing all sorts of activities that are stretching me out of my comfort zone and training my brain to do things differently.

The main thing I do though is WALK. I wrap my legs up in my THERA-BANDS, and I walk with a walker around the building. At first it felt odd, walking where everyone can see me, but now it's becoming normal. Everyone is there to do different things, and I just happen to be the gal who walks the loop around the building over and over again.

They tell me I can rest from time to time but I never do. I figure that if I'm there, I want to be taught how to do this right. So, I walk. A LOT.

Something I REALLY want to learn is balance, as that's a step that I'm missing. That's why I use the walker with the bands because without it, I can't physically do the walk without difficulty. (And falling. *grin*) They gave me a few activities to work on it here at home, and I honestly think the Wii Balance Games might help me too. (I haven't played those lately.)

I'll keep walking, training the brain, and stretching the muscles. One day, I will walk walk straight on the other side of this, and I'll feel proud because I will have worked hard to get there.

Things that are worthwhile take time and effort. I'm going to do both! *grin*



Leesh said...

Adapted from one of your all-time favorite movies 'Finding Nemo'. "Keep on walking, keep on walking, keep on walking, walking, walking..."

BuffBoi said...