Sunday, April 29, 2012

Words with Friends

On Thursday Evening, Scienceguy sent me a message via Facebook, asking me if I'd like to join WORDS WITH FRIENDS. While I had heard of it, I had never played it. However, Scienceguy knows me pretty well, so I figured I'd try it because I knew he wouldn't ask me if he didn't think I'd like it. I know Scienceguy would probably beat me on every game, but I knew it would be fun.

Sure enough, I got the app, and have become a fan of the game. I have learned how it works, you play your tiles, and a little while later my phone will "ding" and I'll be playing again. I have about 9 games going at once, with people from all over the states. Most are from the Joplin area, but a few are from further away. It's been really fun!

Scienceguy is about to beat me in our second game, but I don't really care. He's been the most fun to play, but don't tell him that. *grin*

So go ahead, request to play with me! We'll have fun!


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