Tuesday, May 22, 2012


Today was a blast. I went with my tall friend Slim to PIZZA HOUSE in Springfield, Missouri! It was a BLAST. We laughed, pondered God, worshiped Jesus with my music on my Ipod, and perhaps my favorite part was when he offered to drive my car back for me. I GOT TO BE A PASSENGER! Now, this may seem like nothing, but for this gal who drives everywhere, it was a hoot. It was also a hoot when he forgot that it was a stick shift car and we slowly sputtered up to a stoplight. I heard him say, "Oh yeah, I forgot, this is a stickshift!" We laughed hard on that one.

Of course, the pizza was FABULOUS. You're probably thinking, "You drove how far for pizza?" Two-ish hours for pizza. It was GREAT!!! First road trip of the summer. *grin* I loved it.

So, yeah, it was what I WANTED TO DO for my birthday. And, it was a blast. I loved it. I also brought back pizza for me and the parents for dinner tomorrow night. *grin*


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