Friday, May 25, 2012


For the first time in WEEKS I had WOODY as my physical therapist today. *grin* I WAS EXCITED when I heard I was with Woody today. I also knew it would be a lot of work, and I was right.

First he asked me if I felt I was making progress. I told him I noticed a change in picking up my feet when I walk, as well as my shoes lasting longer than they used to. I haven't had to buy new shoes in quite a while, which has been a blessing BEYOND words. *grin* The ends of my shoes used to be all scuffed up, and they aren't anymore. That's probably my favorite piece of evidence in this whole process.

The good news is that when I have P.T. with Woody, I learn new things about my body and walk. He only had me walk around the circle once with the bands on and then we did a few stepping exercises, to work on my balance. Then we moved to the exercise tables. I was a little surprised too because typically I wear the bands the entire time.

At the tables, we did some leg stretching. We haven't done that since my first day there. I liked it because he gave me NEW exercises to do to build up the muscles that will help my toes move OUT. *grin*

I had told him in the initial "How do you feel you're progressing" question that I feel I'm picking my feet up more, but my toes aren't going out naturally. So, he gave me exercises to work on those specific muscles to move those toes out. It was HARD to do the exercises because those muscles have NEVER been used to walk, but it was a great start! *grin*

I have new homework, but with Summer Break upon us, I'll have more time to do the exercises he gave me. Yessssssssss!


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