Saturday, May 26, 2012


Tonight I went to FCF. I figured it would be a different team tonight than the usual one, with THE CALL going on this weekend in Virginia. When I walked in and saw it was PABLO PEREZ'S team, I was EXCITED! I will be honest and say this hasn't always been the case, as his worship leading was rough in his younger days. However, he has grown into an INCREDIBLE worship leader on keys!

From the first note until the next team came on at 9:50, it was INCREDIBLE. Pablo did a few new songs (for me, at least) as well as some oldies that he really spiced up. At one point I genuinely felt I was in the throne room. It was AMAZING!!! I wanted him to keep leading, it was SO good!!!

Sometimes worship is "okay" or "pretty cool" but tonight was REALLY fun for me. I needed it in light of this past week. Of course, He knew that, didn't he? *grin*


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