Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Obstacle Challenges with Z.! *grin*

Today I had a really fun Physical Therapy Session. The more I go in there, the more fun I have with everyone there. Today I was with Z., which put a smile on my face!

He came out to the waiting room to get me, and we started joking right away. I like that, as it's a fun way to start my 45 minute workout. He picked on me because I was wearing my Pittsburg State University shirt. Ah well, at least he's good a good Physical Therapist. *grin*

We jumped in and put the bands on. I did two laps today, which was good. After that we did toe taps and posting. Ugh. Posting. Not my favorite, but I'm getting better. *grin* After that we took off the bands & he gave me a new obstacle course.

We took up a lot of the gym with the course, and Woody jokingly said something like, "Just how much of this gym do you two need?" We laughed. I replied by telling Woody it was about time he figured out that everything was always all about me. *grin* Everyone laughed on that one, which was cool.

Okay, so Z.'s course was a challenge. I had two blocks to step over, and I could not just let my left foot move around obstacles. I had to move around everything using balance correctly. It's tougher for me than it sounds. He also added the steps.

Steps have always been tough for me. I can't say that I have hated them, but they are something that I have always had to think about when walking on them. Okay, sometimes I've had to pray, "God, don't let me fall in front of all these people on these stairs." *grin* While I didn't quite put it in those terms for Z., I did tell him stairs are a personal goal for me.

So, I had two steps up, and two down in the obstacle course. I remembered what he said before, strong foot up first, weak foot down first. He put a belt on me to help me keep my balance, and I was SOOOO glad he did. More than once he saved me from falling from the top step! *grin*

We learned something today. As much as I LOVE to talk, joke, and have fun, I learned that if I would get to talking, my concentration was off and I would lose balance. So, he wouldn't let me joke after that while we worked. That was hard, but he was right. On my LAST time on the course I DID IT! I have a long way to go, I really do, in this whole balance world. Slowly though, I'm making gains. *grin* I love it.

Z.'s next client arrived while we did our last time on the course. As I was walking out, I warned her not to let Z. work her too hard. She laughed, as did the rest of the staff. Yep, P.T. is a fun place to be!

I have things to practice before Monday. Step by step I'm making progress. *grin* *giggle*


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