Thursday, July 19, 2012

Air Conditioning

Here we are, in a drought, in heat that is unbearable, and my car's A.C. went out. Yep, on the way to camp last week it went out. What is it doing, you ask? Does it blow air? Yep, HOT air. This does not work for me. *grin*

I was going to tough it out. I was going to wait until camp ends next week and then get it fixed. Yeah, I did a few days in this heat and decided that wasn't going to happen. *grin*

I called yesterday to see when I could get my car in to be fixed, fully prepared for the guy to say, "Yeah, the 30th is the earliest I can get your car in to be fixed", and instead he said, "How about tomorrow?" While today didn't work, tomorrow DOES, so my car is now sitting in a parking lot of an auto repair shop, waiting to be looked at and fixed.

This whole experience has made me realize how much I take A.C. for granted. It's a blessing we have here in the U.S., and I COMPLETELY took it for granted until I started driving to camp a week ago. Then I realized what a blessing I typically have as I drive around town in the A.C. Wow. I am enormously blessed. *grin*

My parents went with me to drop off my car, and I got in their car after leaving my car locked with keys in the drop box, and was absolutely in love with the cool air in the car. They went on to tell me stories about being kids without A.C., both in their cars and homes. It was normal not to have A.C. back then, and they lived. We laughed. Then I mentioned that I was REALLY glad I was born in a time when we do have A.C. *grin*

Hopefully the car will be fixed tomorrow. I do NOT want another hot ride down to camp.

One thing's for sure, I'm not going to take A.C. for granted EVER again...especially in this heat. *grin*


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Michelina Douglass said...

What you said at the end is actually quite reassuring! :) This negligence of AC maintenance is not an isolated case. People just tend to give less priority to things which are currently working well. Just think that regularly spending a little amount on the upkeep keeps you from getting hit with a big blow in the future. I believe the first one is more convenient, right?