Thursday, July 05, 2012

Thoughts before CAMP BARNABAS! *grin*

This time tomorrow I'll be at CAMP BARNABAS. I find that hard to believe. How is it possible that another year has gone by? It seems to me that I was just out there. *grin* However, that being said, I'M EXCITED! *grin*

My mind has been RUNNING today, and I've been praying off and on. I feel different this year. I really believe that my time with the Lord in June has prepared me for this next week. *grin*

Normally, I am praying hard about not having my usual Pepsi and M&M's during the week. This year, well, it doesn't seem like it's a big deal. I haven't eaten M&M's lately, and well, Pepsi just won't work anyway out at camp. I find water more appetizing than pop out there since we're outside so much. *grin* The sweat just makes me thirst for water. *grin*

I'm excited about the people I don't know today that I will love one week from today. (Sooner, but I'm just sayin'. *grin*) The people that one week from tomorrow I'll HATE having to leave. *grin* That's all part of camp though. At least there's social media to stay connected when I return. *grin*

This is the first year I'm doing Term 5. I'll be serving people with Autism and developmental delays, but they are older than who I'm usually with during Term 7. I'll be serving young adults ages 16-25. It will be a lot of fun to meet new people and at the same time I'm hoping to see some of my friends from Term 7 who have moved up to Term 5. I think it would be fun to see how they've grown up. *grin*

I'm praying that it's a little cooler. According to my iPhone, it should be slightly cooler. Lord, please let it be. *grin*

The only thing I've REALLY been praying for, and have been for quite some time, has been my big toe. When I walk long distances, my toe REALLY hurts because I'm walking straighter, so my toes curl to fight the change. I've been wearing a toe separator to decrease the curling, and it helps a little, but even walking Wal-Mart tonight was tough. This year will be interesting at camp. We walk EVERYWHERE out there. Am I scared? No, because EVERY year God gives me EXACTLY what I need while I'm out there. Am I praying? YOU BET! God's gonna answer the prayers though! *grin*

I had some unexpected guests from out of town the past couple days, so I didn't get the costumes I wanted, but that's fine. I figure it will all be okay. I'll have my swimsuit for the swim party and my KU gear for our favorite team party. *grin* Those are the two I REALLY care about.

I'm going to miss Jay. He hasn't been himself this week, but we're still close buddies. Every year the hardest part of going to camp is not seeing him for the week. He'll be fine, he's staying at a great place, but I'll admit I'm packing an extra quilt to be at my feet so I can feel like Jay is there at night while I sleep. *grin*

Finally, I look forward to seeing what God does in everyone, including me, in this next week. There will pictures to go with each story, and each story will be a part of my own. I'll be a different person when I return, as will each person who goes to camp.

I'm lookin' forward to each slide ride, prayer time, morning IP, devo, activities, FREEZE, party, Cross Carry, and Say-So. It's going to be an AMAZING week!!!


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