Wednesday, August 01, 2012


So, I've been pondering all day about what to write tonight. I got back from camp and it seems like life is picking up at a fast pace already. I want it to STOP and rewind, but alas, I cannot. *grin*

I have thought a lot today about how the real world could take lessons from our bubble out at camp. I imagine you'd have to experience a week of it to fully understand what I mean there, but people treat each other like they should be all the time while out at camp, and it's an amazing experience. Not that people aren't nice to me here, but, it's significantly different out there.

For example, I love to watch people at the pool. Teens let the campers get them wet, dump water on their heads, and take them down the slides. (Ronni flipped me about 25 times on one day! *grin*) I saw one amazing event the night of the pool party.

Ronni had chosen not to swim during the pool party, so we did the various stations around the pool that didn't involve swimming. After that, we sat down for a while to chat and watch what was going on in the pool. I'll never forget what I saw that night.

As we were sitting on the sidewalk, sort of on the outskirts of the pool, there was a boy with autism that would go into the pool with two teens. My guess is that one was his CIA and another was a THIRD, but I am really not sure. Typically at the pool you can travel with a camper while you're in FULL view of everyone so you're NEVER alone with your camper, but sometimes people pair up and hang out with campers.

Anyway, the boy with autism would get in the pool, get his hair wet, and then come over by us on the sidewalk and shake the water off while making various sounds with his mouth. This wasn't what amazed me, I've spent a lot of time over the years with people with Autism and I realize they have their own sensory needs to adapt to the world around them. What got me was what the teens did.

They would follow him into the pool, dip the top of their head in the water just as the young boy did, and follow him out of the pool to shake it off. It made me *grin* ear-to-ear. They did it SEVERAL times, and it just made me *grin*. I haven't seen love like that in the real world outside of Barnabas. It was TOTAL acceptance. It was enjoyment without words. It was amazing. I watched it and thought, "The world could learn a lot from this one little scene."

Another example was when our cabin went to Water Games. I didn't play, as I wasn't dressed for it and was needed with another camper, but I did get to watch. Our cabin sat in a circle (CIA'S and Campers) and CIA's let the campers get them wet. Granted, it was HOT and felt good to everyone, but it was AMAZING to watch. Not all teens would be up for that it the real world. *grin*

Another favorite of mine is the stage in the dining hall. After people have eaten for a while, the campers go up and sing, dance, or whatever they want to, to their little hearts content. While some of the kids can't sing on key, it doesn't matter, they are cheered for after they do that talent. I don't know of one place here in the world that lets that happen with people like our campers. I'm ALWAYS amazed by it!

My limp...while it's decreasing in it's own way, it's still there, and out there it's NORMAL. No one stares. No one sees as it as less than. It's normal. For me, that's a little like Heaven on Earth. *grin*

I know I post something like this every year, but well, that's what I'm pondering tonight. Don't worry, there's more in my head, but I need to crash tonight. This back in the real world routine is taking some getting used to! *grin*


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