Monday, July 30, 2012

Camp Barnabas Term 7 Highlights #1

So, I am back from camp, and can hardly believe July is almost over. Wow, where did this summer go? *grin* While I'm tired tonight, I want to do my first post about camp this past week. It was a week that I will never forget, in ways I never expected. I like that.

I think one of the things about being a returner to camp is the fact that I know how some things work. For example, I know the daily schedule, training schedule, and have a clear understanding of camp expectations. Within that, I learned that that can lead to quick judgements when others don't follow those expectations. God showed me A LOT on that topic throughout this week. I'll explain here in a minute about that...

I learned within the first five minutes of training that I was going to be with Ronni, my favorite camper of all-time again. I was so excited that I could hardly sit still through our training sessions. That little girl is one special pearl! *grin*

Camper card night, I met Ronni's CIA, T-Gal. We talked a lot about what to expect with Ronni, and I felt REALLY good about having T-Gal with Ronni. T-Gal wanted to know information about Ronni. She wanted pointers, and took notes. Now, let me state, Ronni is a JEWEL. She also gets upset at times if she doesn't get her way. *grin* So, I prepared her for those moments. It was really cool.

Fast forward to camper arrival, and T-Gal and Ronni hit it off from the beginning. Ronni really liked her, and I could tell it was going to be a really good week for them.

Throughout the week, our cabin had some real character-building moments, and I was SO PROUD of how the CIA'S rose to the occasion and did 110% for their campers. I don't want to get into all the challenges tonight, as those aren't the point tonight. What is the point is how we had seven new CIA'S out of nine, and how ALL of them were AMAZING! EVERY CIA was amazing. Some were REALLY stretched out of their comfort zones, and jumped in with both feet. I can't tell you how I felt at the end of the week, when they were exhausted and still giving 110%. It truly made me feel like a proud parent. *grin*

During the day on day #4, the Lord reminded me of a scripture we sing here quite a bit. The scripture was "Mercy triumphs over judgement." Out at camp it's so easy to judge how others are doing their jobs, and I had never realized that until this week. What God showed me was that it is ALWAYS better to give mercy than walk in judgement. He also etched upon my heart (again) the importance of seeing the potential in EVERY person. There were two people in our cabin that I was really praying for throughout the week because God showed me the true potential in them and God was doing a deep work in them at a slower pace than I wanted Him to. *grin* I fought judgement, I'll be honest, but I was glad I listened to the Lord. In the end, I was proud of the girls. I really was proud in a way I can't put into words.

Oh, and T-Gal & Ronni, they had an AWESOME time. I was SO PROUD of how T-Gal handled the character-building moments that we had. She never raised a voice to Ronni or showed ANY anger or frustration toward her. She will never know how much that blessed Ronni. NEVER. And honestly, she'll never know how blessed I was to be able to stand by her and watch her grow in the Lord this past week. She's a special young lady in the Lord, and He is going to do some AMAZING things in her and through her in the future. *grin*

Okay, time to crash. More highlights tomorrow, as I haven't even gotten into the humorous moments, or the moment I bruised my rib. *grin* Ah, the things memories are made out of. I know that this past week is one I will never forget.


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