Thursday, August 23, 2012

I Sit in AWE of God

Years ago, when I was first introduced to the Lord, we sang a song at CrossQuest that I can still hear in my head. I can still hear Katie Locke talk about the meaning of the words "And I stand in awe of You..." At that point, I thought I understood the depth of the words of that song. This week, I have gained even more revelation in God, and have thought of those words.

I spent a lot of time this summer praying over my job. I won't go into the "whys" but I will say, God has answered my prayers in so many different ways that I have sat in my room more than once and told him "Thanks." I will state, at that time no one was in the room at that time. He has set things up this year in such a way, that I'm going to be able to experience LIFE again. Only HE could set things up the way they are, and I know I'm happier this year because of it. *grin*

I can't get into the details, but I can say that in SO MANY different ways, He's been in the midst of my year already. I'm IN AWE of how much detail He's putting into my happiness in my job. That has surprised me, and blessed me all at the same time.

So, while I'm not STANDING tonight, I am sitting. I am sitting in awe of what He has done for me, and what I believe He will continue to do for me as this year progresses. He's taken me from a moment of wanting to quit, to being EXCITED about my job again.



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