Saturday, August 25, 2012

Living Life Second by Second

When I was out at camp this past summer, I heard an AMAZING story one morning out at IP. It was our IP speaker the morning of Camper Arrival for Term 7. The story impacted me that night, and tonight the Lord brought it back to me. While I'm going to tell it differently from the original story we heard because I can't remember it EXACTLY, I want to share it and the application of it in my life.

There was a girl and her dad. The girl asked her Dad if they could live life without sin for an entire month. Her Dad said, "No, I don't think so." The girl looked at him and said, "Okay, can we go an entire week without sin?" Her Dad said, "No, sweetie, that's not possible either." The little girl was still puzzled and said, "Okay, well, can we live without sin for an entire day?" Her Dad replied and said, "No, I don't think so. We make mistakes everyday, and even though we repent, we still fall short everyday."

The little girl paused and then looked at her Dad. Then she asked a question. "Okay, Dad, what about a second? Can we live life for a second without sin?" Her Dad said, "Yes, I think that's possible."

The little girl looked at her Dad and said, "Then that's how we should live our lives, second by second." *grin*

I remember sitting at IP, and the story gripped me. I LOVE the idea of living life SECOND BY SECOND this side of Heaven. In that story, the girl and her Dad were discussing sin, but the IP speaker used it in context to our week at camp. Out at camp, we are challenged in ways you would never expect, and it's only a relationship with God that guides us through that week. Term 7, we live life SECOND BY SECOND because if you think about more than that it can feel slightly overwhelming. *grin*

Of course, camp lasts a week, and then real life starts back up. I think the same concept is true though, if you look at life in a big picture, it can be overwhelming, but looking at it from the perspective of second-by-second it seems a lot easier. *grin*

Tonight I sat at FCF and heard a sermon on sin. For a moment I thought I was back in my PLF days, but thankfully Hal knows how to preach sin in a really motivational way not to sin. Then my mind drifted (ADD!!!) to the story from camp.

I thought about how much I've enjoyed life more since hearing that story. I have ENJOYED life, moment by moment, second by second. I've enjoyed everything, from the moments of worship led by Misty (which is easy) to when a student is being difficult and I'm silently praying for help from the Lord, (Tough stuff) and everything in between. I am enjoying life on a new level.

So, while life races by in the blink of an eye, I'm going to enjoy it, SECOND BY SECOND. *grin* *giggle*


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