Saturday, August 04, 2012

Physical Therapy with Woody & Z.

This week I had Physical Therapy and wanted to go ahead and post it, even though it took place earlier in the week. I love documenting my progress, even though it seems like it's going slower (at times) than I would like. *grin*

I arrived on Monday, and told the crew about the fall and the bruised rib. Everyone smiled a little, but my shoes told the story to Woody. My right foot dragged most of the week. I had my usual hole in the shoe, and I had to explain the hills to him. I could tell he was a little disappointed, but understood at the same time. *grin*

I was surprised to see I was working with Woody on Monday, as my schedule said I'd be with Cheerleadergal. That being said, I was REALLY excited to be with Woody, as I hadn't worked with him in months. I always learn a lot from Woody in our sessions, and Monday that was true. *grin*

He had me walk at first, and it was the first day in months that I just walked. He showed me how weak I am in my ability to walk with my legs straightening and the toes lifting the feet upward and outward. He had me walk like a duck. As funny looking as the whole duck walk was, I began to understand what he was saying. He also had me stretch, and I began to see how tight my legs are. He gave me some exercises to do outside of therapy to work on it, because I asked him how I could build those muscles up. *grin* He made the comment that I have comment a long way in my walking from when I first started, and I agreed. I'm not where I want to be, but I'm getting there. *grin* As I was leaving, he paused and said, "It's always a pleasure to work with you." That made me *grin* ear-to-ear.

On Wednesday I went in and worked with Z. We started out walking with the bands, and he had me walk on the treadmill. He told me I was doing really well, and I told him that I always walk better when I have something (like the treadmill) to hold onto while I walk. He said he understood that, but I was doing better. *grin* After that, we did some posting, which went okay. He is tough, and only counts steps if I REALLY earn it. I like that about him. We did some Wii balance stuff, which went well, but I was reminded that I have things to work on too. We ended with the real balance board, and I did well as long as I could look while I worked. When he had me do it with my eyes closed, I didn't do as well. *grin* I went back and forth twice with my eyes closed though, which he said was good. I plan on doing it more than two times next week. *wink*

After my appointment, I went up front to set up my next few appointments. I learned that I have a limited amount of appointments due to my insurance coverage and will need to cut back on my appointments to once a week for the rest of the year. I was slightly bummed about that at first, but with school about to start that will fit better in my schedule. I will do more work here at home, and I am determined to continue the progress. *grin*

I'm a blessed gal. To have Woody and Z. in my world, teaching me how to balance and walk, I'm going to get there. I really believe that. Thank You, Lord, for Z. and Woody! I'm blessed beyond words.


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