Sunday, August 05, 2012


I've been pondering some absolutely RANDOM things that I've seen happen recently. Some were at camp, and others have just occurred this summer. I thought I'd share a few of them tonight. *grin*

On the last night of Term 7, one of our campers asked me if Holy**** was a cuss word. I told her yes, and without missing a beat she asked me if she could say just Holy by itself. I said yes. The things kids say sometimes. *grin*

While this isn't funny, haha, it was a first for me out at camp. We had a camper eat a brush. Okay, well, she is non-verbal and her CIA was on FOB when it happened, so it wasn't her fault. Still, a kid ate a brush. I have seen A LOT of things out at camp over the years, but this was a first. In case you're wondering, she was taken to the Wellhouse where it was determined that she ate a non-toxic brush and was going to to have to poop it out. Poor kid. I wonder if she'll think twice about eating a brush again...

There was a boy, Sam, who was at camp Term 7 that worked REALLY hard to soak his popsicle in the pool. Well, okay, let's be honest here, we have popsicles everyday at the pool. We are to sit on the edge of the pool to eat them. We're not going to discuss what kind of chemicals are in the pool because that would just gross you out. So when Sam put it in the pool the first time, I turned to his CIA and told him and had him deal with it. The second time, I just dealt with it. Sam continued to dip and lick throughout that time regardless of our constant attempts to get him to stop. He lived. *grin*

Last night TexasGal and I were headed back from an exciting evening in Butler, Mo. We were at a stoplight. STOPPED at the RED LIGHT. What a concept, right? Next thing I knew, MotorcycleBoy came up on my left to pass me. The kicker was that his balance got off, and the cycle went spinning out of control and away from him into the lane in front of him. (He was REALLY lucky there wasn't traffic coming from the other directions.) MotorcycleBoy then started to run into the nearby woods, when PoliceOfficer pulls up and MotorcycleBoy proceeds to lay down on the ground with his hands spread out like in the movies! I'm giggling like I do when I'm nervous, thinking, "Crud, if he had had a weapon..." Needless to say, the light wasn't turning green, and TexasGal and I proceeded to give narrative to what was happening. It was quite entertaining. Here's my thought though, had he run, what would he have done, found a tree and hidden up in it from the cops? Idiot. *giggle*

After my two weeks at camp, God and I have been talking a lot about how not everyone has the gift of encouragement. To me, that's basic. You see someone do something well, you encourage them. You see someone struggling, you encourage them. Then God showed me something, most people are so self focused, they can't focus on others to encourage. I'll be pondering on that one for QUITE a while! *grin*

Today we were short a driver for shuttles. Which was fine. In the midst of it, someone tipped me a dollar. You might think, "A dollar? Big whoop." For me, it was exactly what I wanted for the Pepsi I wanted during the shift. *grin* It's the little things that count. Seriously. *grin*

I have always been in awe of the Olympians. I'm always amazed at what sports actually classify as Olympic Sports. Some I agree with, Volleyball, basketball, swimming, and track, are a few. However, the other night I saw a category that had me chuckle. TRAMPOLINE? REALLY? Years ago I spent hours on my aunt & uncle's trampoline. I never actually flipped or anything, but if I had known it was an actual sport and I could be in the Olympics, maybe I would've. Okay, I wouldn't have, but still. TRAMPOLINE? *giggle*

Who says dogs can't tell time? Every night at 8:30 Jay lets me know it's time for his treat. Even if I head upstairs to do something around that time, he just sits in the kitchen staring at HIS cabinet. Yes, he has his own cabinet. Don't laugh, he's not spoiled, just loved very well. *giggle*

Ronni came up with a new thing this year. She would move her glasses down her face and say, "Hellow, Shannah!" It made us all laugh. I don't want to forget that. *grin*

I wonder what the odds are of falling on a rock on the shortcut path. Yes, I've pondered that. Probably not very high, if you're looking to fall just like I did. I think I'm multi-talented. To bad there's not an Olympic Sport for falling. I'm pretty sure I'd have the gold medal in that one! *grin*

I need to do some research and see how some of these sports came into an actual sport. I sit here watching gymnastics. These people are doing things that the human body just shouldn't be able to do. It boggles my mind. *grin*

How is it already August? Didn't summer just start? I'm not upset or anything, but this has been the best summer I've had in a while. Can we rewind? *grin*

Finally, this summer I've come to my own conclusion on one important thing to me. Life is about people. I've met some INCREDIBLE people this summer. People who have changed my life without even knowing it. Terms 5 & 7 were unlike any two weeks I've had out at camp. They are weeks I'll never forget with some VERY special young people. I was talking to another cabin mom term 7, who happened to be my roommate too, and I shared that the only mail I got out at camp was from my former CIA'S. She stated that she has never stayed in touch with her CIA's. I was saddened by that comment. I don't stay in touch with those who don't want to, but gosh, I follow several former CIA's, because I'm so excited to see what God does in them and through them in years to come. They are becoming amazing young people! I can't imagine not following them, sending them cards, Christmas cards, etc. Term 7 I watched seven NEW CIA's doing an AMAZING job under some odd circumstances and EVERY ONE of them taught me something. I loved that! It helps me go into this school year remembering that one little fact: life is about people. Yeah, it's about Jesus, but second to that, it's about loving others well. I saw that in action this summer, and it changed me. I like that! *grin*

So, I guess that's it for tonight's ponderings. Jay has disappeared upstairs. I need to go find him. *grin*


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