Friday, October 19, 2012

Answers to Prayers

It's a THREE DAY WEEKEND. *grin*

So, I wanted to post a little encouragement today. My last post was a heartfelt prayer to the Lord. One of the greatest parts about blogging is that I can share as much or as little as I want with you, my loyal readers. *grin* Within that, God does some amazing things in my life that you may or may not know about. Today I want to share a really cool testimony. *grin*

My prayer earlier this week was a real cry out to Him. I had been struggling with lack of joy in some areas, and I was not enjoying it. I am a happy gal who typically walks through life with a GENUINE smile on my face. Due to some situations I'm not going to tell you, I haven't been myself. Then God showed up in my life this week. *grin*

God took my prayer seriously. I don't think I'll ever lose my awe of God because He's so big, yet he takes care of my little stuff too!

Of course, I ALWAYS have this idea of how He'll answer the prayers, when in reality He knows what I need more than I do. In the span of a week, he took my situation that I was wrestling with, and showed me perspectives that I wasn't seeing.

In the revelations, I felt JOY returning to my heart. Scripture talks about the JOY of the Lord being our strength. I definitely felt that this week.

My problems didn't change. They are still there.

However, in the revelations and constant dialogue with Him, I saw things that I didn't see before.

I saw a quote once and He reminded me of it this week that may need to be hung up on my wall. (He also took me to scripture, but we're still talking through the passage, so that post may or may not happen on another day.) Unfortunately, I can't remember it word for word (and have worked for about an hour trying to find's my day off, I give up!) but basically it says: There are a million people in this world, you really think ONE person can ruin my day?

Now, I'm not saying it was ONE person taking my joy. It was me, and my perspective on some things. However, that quote, in addition to some scripture has helped me feel His love and JOY again. PRAISE THE LORD!!!

I hope this has encouraged you. I know that going into the three-day weekend, I am one happy camper.


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