Friday, November 23, 2012

#23 The Christmas Season

Today officially marked the beginning of the Christmas Season. Sure, the items have been out in stores already, but today was the official first day. I will admit, I slept in and did not participate in the EARLY morning shopping. I never have, as I enjoy sleep. *grin* I do enjoy the Christmas Season though, A LOT. *grin*

I enjoy shopping for those I love and I enjoy it for the reason that you probably least expect. Every loved one I know could go buy whatever they want. Blessing them with something little (I'm a teacher after all!) for them to enjoy is fun. I like picking it out, wrapping it, and putting it under the tree.

I like putting up the Christmas Tree. I did that tonight. Sure, I've never quite perfected the Tree Experience, but I like it. To someone else, it probably looks like the Charlie Brown Tree, but to me, it's great. I enjoyed looking at the ornaments from the past. I didn't realize how many ornaments I have from students! It is GREAT. I even have two ornaments with Jay's name on it! *grin*

I like the Christmas lights that people put up. Everyone does such a nice job, and it's so peaceful. *grin* Well, the ones around here are anyway.

I enjoy sending & getting Christmas Cards. I work on a Christmas Letter, and love picking out the right cards to send. (That's tomorrow, I think.) I love getting the letter made, addresses on cards, and mailing them out. I also love receiving the Christmas Cards from friends and family, telling me what is new in their lives. Sure, we have FB, but the cards are special to me. (Cards mean a lot in my little world if you hadn't noticed yet. *grin*)

I also like snow. Yes, I just said that, so stop laughing! We didn't have a lot of it last year, and I don't want tons, but I LOVE how peaceful the ground looks when it first covers the ground. I also enjoy snow days, and hope we have a couple this year. Not tons, just enough to enjoy the SNOW and sleep that's unexpected. *grin*

I also enjoy the Christmas Break. Sure, we call it Winter Break, and I'm fine with that. I enjoy time with family and friends without school. It's honestly my favorite time of year. (Not to mention ONETHING, but that's an entirely different post altogether.) *grin*

Above all, I love the idea that we're celebrating the birth of Jesus. While Jesus wasn't actually born on December 25th, it doesn't matter to me. The fact we spend days spreading love & cheer to each other in celebration to the birth of a child born in a manager makes me *grin* ear-to-ear.

I won't get preachy or anything, however, I enjoy this season. For the next month we're going to show love in some special ways, and celebrate our savior's birth.

I love it.


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