Thursday, November 01, 2012

Encouragement from Woody

Today I had both Physical Therapy (P.T.) and a follow up appointment on the Botox Injections. I was happy about the Botox follow-up, and I was nervous about P.T.

The Botox Injections have left me with several questions. Such as: should I feel something different in my legs? The answer I learned was YES, but it should be gradual. With the shots given, I should have more fluidity to move. Overall answer, my next injection will have more in them to assist me in more movement in my legs. I'll go in late December/early January. Good times.

Another question was, should I feel this tired? Answer, No. Actually, I shouldn't feel tired as fast throughout the day WITH the shots. GREAT. (NOT) Well, I have an appointment with my doctor for my Crohn's later this month. We'll see if this fatigue stuff can get squared away. I'm still exhausted like I've never been before, which I was told in my last visit (to the Crohn's doctor) was a symptom of Crohn's. Good times.

I have also wondered about my muscle relaxer that I'm on. I'll spare you the details of the dreams I have when I sleep, but it's not fun. Family members have been harmed in my dreams for NO REASON. Time to switch meds. Permission granted. *grin*

After that, I had my appointment with Woody. I was nervous because I'm not as stretched out as I'm supposed to be, and being sick last week threw off my schedule.

Honestly, I don't want to let Woody down. Seems odd to admit that, as I'm 39, and I should care more about letting myself down than Woody, but I realized how much my coach makes me want to succeed. And, honestly, I know that God used him to this afternoon.

I've been wondering if my goals were possible. I had struggled with the time and effort into this, and not seeing results. Until I saw Woody today. *grin*

First we talked, which is standard. And, he showed me some new stretches, which was GREAT. I was tired, but that's nothing new, so I was kind of quiet. I think he read that as something was wrong, and I was fine.

We went through my stretching routine, and he gave me a new routine. I was happy about that. I needed something new. Jay won't like it, but that's okay. *grin*

After that, he had me walk without the bands. I sometimes get frustrated when I walk in front of people because I do tense up, and I don't walk as naturally as I can. However, I walked several times up and down the gym and Woody was actually pleased. I was tense, and my feet turned in, but he was happy. That was when my happy moment came in.

He pointed out what I'm doing right: my posture is straight, my arms are no longer flailing, and (when I take my time) my knees come up and my feet follow through! Then he got out his Ipad.

He recorded me walking, and showed me where I've improved, as well as what happens when I get tired. When I get tired, my feet naturally turn inward.

The video really encouraged me. Woody has done that before, and today it was really helpful for me to see how far I've come. Yeah, I have more progress to make, but he encouraged me that progress takes time. I think I was frustrated with how long it was taking, and that I can't walk as well when I walk fast as I do when I can take my time. He stated that that will come in time, and will be the last thing I get ahold of. I needed that.

I have enough appointments left (through insurance) to get me through December. I'm glad. Time is something I have working on my side. *grin*


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