Monday, October 29, 2012

Mr. Terupt Falls Again ***

Tonight I have a new book review for you! I just finished the sequel to the book, "Because of Mr. Terupt" by Rob Buyea. The book I read was "Mr. Terupt Falls Again" by Rob Buyea.

I was really excited about the book arrival on my porch, as I LOVED the first book! Mr. Terupt's classroom captured my heart, and left me wanting more. My favorite part of the first book was the fact it was written from the perspective of each student's point-of-view. I loved it.

In the sequel, Mr. Terupt has looped with his students to sixth grade, and has fallen for a fellow teacher as well. It makes for an interesting year for Mr. Terupt and his students. Throughout the year, each student has events that happen that show each student maturing in their own way.

While I liked it, it is not one I recommend for elementary age children. There are some contents that are for middle school/junior high students more than elementary aged students.

I will also add, I didn't look forward to reading this book each night after the first couple, like I did the last one. My favorite aspect of the first book, several perspectives, was what wore me out in this sequel. At first I liked the various perspectives, but then it got old because I felt like I was re-living the same parts of the story over and over again. I think the writer thought so too, because after a certain point, the perspectives decreased in number, and the story line moved on. The ending was quick and with very few different points-of-view. I was glad, to be honest, as I was ready to be done with the book.

Therefore, I give it three stars. I do encourage people to read the first one, "Because of Mr. Terupt" before the sequel, as there is a lot of ground work in the first one.

My next read is "Trash" by Andy Mulligan. I am intrigued and I'm only 30 pages into it. I'll keep ya posted!


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