Sunday, December 23, 2012

Blessing the Unexpected in the Shuttle

Today I did something new. Well, okay, I did something new while I served Jesus in the shuttle. I passed out Christmas Cards to my regular passengers! *grin* So many of my regulars are wonderful people, but I only see them on shuttles. It's actually funny that I know everyone who attends second service, yet I attend Saturday night. *grin* So, I wanted to do something for my passengers. *grin*

Today I purposely asked to do Overflow Parking so I could pass out the cards. I knew many wouldn't be there because it was so close to Christmas, but I still wanted to try. Sacremento approved it, and I was doing my favorite route. *grin*

As my friends got on, I gave them a card and a pen. I was surprised at the reactions I got. People were so surprised that a little shuttle gal would do that, I think. Two people hugged me, which surprised ME! I had prayed that two people in particular would be there, as they have kind of become my two favorite passengers on Sunday Mornings.

One guy (I have no idea what his name is) jokes with me and I joke right back every week. *giggle* He had made a comment a couple weeks ago that his kids and grandkids were all south for the holiday, which was fine by him. I wasn't sure if he was joking or not, so I wanted him to know that someone was thinking of him. Today he got in my shuttle and began giving me a hard time, as usual. I said, "I was praying you'd be here. Here, Merry Christmas." He just looked at me. We're never really serious with each other, so I think he was waiting for a punch line. Then I told him I wanted to give him a little something for Christmas. (A Pen and a card...REALLY little. *giggle*) He didn't quite know what to say, so he said nothing. I grinned. When we got back to the lot, he told me he appreciated the thought. Then he got out and picked on me about the ice and snow last week. Yep, we ended right where we always are. *grin* It was one of the highlights of shuttles for me. *grin*

Another gal (I have forgotten her name) is someone I adore on the base. I used to sit by her and her husband during second service when I first moved here, before I started driving shuttles. They are just great people in the Lord. Today I prayed I would see her, and I did. I gave her the card and an ornament (I was out of pens) and she hugged me. It was so sweet. That was a favorite moment for me during shuttles too.

I think I had forgotten how much fun it is to bless people like that. I think in light of NewTown, I want to make sure those around me know how much they mean to me. That's what today was about. And, I imagine God was smiling because the whole time, I was smiling too.


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