Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Snow Day Ponderings

I have had a snow day the past couple days (including today) and I have enjoyed it. I have done some work for school, believe it or not, but I have also relaxed too. This has been one of those breaks that I needed but didn't know I needed. Seems odd to say that, since we had a four day weekend last weekend due to snow too. *grin* Anyway, it's been good.

I've thought a lot about my driveway. Yes, that's right, my driveway. I live in a town home, and my neighbor next door has a friend who repeatedly parks in my side of the driveway. Now, on one hand, it hasn't been at times that I have needed out (duh, snowed in!) and still, it has bothered me. No one asked me. They just did it. So, I was ready to talk to them today, but I didn't see them today. So, that's okay, but when does something think, "It's okay to park there even though it's not my spot?" That's so rude! I have been a little stumped. I realize it's not anything big, I mean it's not life-or-death or anything. Still, I've been pondering...

I've also been pondering people. I was watching a TLC show last night about this morbidly obese person. My heart broke for the person. The person wound up dying from the complications of obesity and Gastric Bypass Surgery. I just sat and felt sad for the family of this gal. I mean, her whole family tried to help, but the gal didn't help herself. It broke my heart, and I've thought of her quite a bit today.

I also watched a show of people with random addictions. Don't ask me how I got to watching such random shows, because these are not in my normal TV lineup. However, I watched these people and just felt bad for them. It makes me wish I could help, so I did. I prayed. *grin*

I've pondered encouragement a lot this week. My lunch on Sunday has had me thinking all week. I know that one of the spiritual gifts is encouragement, but I guess I've never thought about it in-depth because I have always had it. I give encouragement easily. I guess some people can sing without effort just as I can encourage others. I don't mean that pridefully, I am just pondering encouragement as a whole. I think it's something I will continue to ponder, as I'm not done with this thinking. I'm gonna dive into some scripture on this one. I'm sure my next post will be with scripture. Most of my deep ponderings start with thoughts and move to scripture. *grin*

So, tomorrow is school, which is great. I'm excited to see the little people and teach them new things tomorrow! SO. EXCITED. *grin*


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