Wednesday, March 06, 2013

The Puzzle Piece Just Doesn't Fit Right!

Have you ever tried to put a puzzle piece where it SHOULDN'T go? It just feels odd, doesn't it? You want it to fit, because well, it looks like it should fit because it matches the colors of the pieces, but it just doesn't fit. Next thing you know, you have to put that aside or try that piece in other spots until it fits. Sometimes it's frustrating, but it's fun all at the same time. Do you feel that? Well, that's how I have kind of felt lately. Let me try to explain it.

My move here has been easy in some respects, and challenging in other ways. It is difficult to move from a place that has been home for ten years and start all over again. (Thank God for Facebook!) The odd part is, I wanted to start all over again at IHOP-KC. Honestly, that was what got me here, and it took 7 years of prayer (So NOT kidding on that part) to GET HERE. *grin*

The easy part has (BY FAR) been the kids I work with day in and day out. I consider myself blessed to be able to be with the kids the Lord has given me for this chapter of my life. I really do. I am blessed by each of them. Seriously.

The challenge (for me) has been finding energy and time for the Prayer Room. I get home, have paperwork to do, get it done, play with Jay, go to sleep, and do it all over again the next day. I am so tired that my Prayer Room time has been limited to Saturdays and Sundays. Which is fine, I believe that the Lord honors that because he understands this chapter of my life.

The good news is that every once in a while he gives me a weekend like this past one. In the span of 24 hours I made friends with IHOP-KC folks, as well as people from the Alma House of Prayer. (I didn't know about the Alma House of Prayer until this weekend, really.) I also spent 5 hours in a Prayer Room atmosphere, saw the Marcum kids (as adults now) LEAD WORSHIP (a true highlight), and have gotten to prophesy to people in prayer like never before.

It's kind of hard to explain, but I want to try. This last weekend left me feeling like a puzzle piece that was FINALLY fitting somewhere, as I sat in the worship sets there and TOTALLY fit right in. Now, don't read this wrong, this isn't a JOPLIN thing. (although the ministry portion of the weekend was definitely centered around Joplin) What the weekend did for me is show me how truly blessed I am to have the Prayer Room in Kansas City. I can go there any time I want. How I really do fit RIGHT IN there like a puzzle piece that fits just right. *grin* No matter when I can get into the Prayer Room, I am surrounded by people with like hearts for the Lord. For that, I am blessed beyond words. *grin*

That feels good. When you're where God wants you, life doesn't get any better than that. *grin*

Sunday morning we went to a church that I went to over 9 years ago (figured that out thanks to a friend of mine on Sunday Morning) and it was SO MUCH fun to see friends from that season! There was one in particular that the Lord really blessed me with some time to talk with and I have pondered that chat all week. She really blessed me a lot. *grin*

I ended the weekend at the Chris Tomlin Worship Concert where I fit right in too. Go figure, music to the Lord in concert form. Shocker. *grin*

I sit here on Wednesday night absolutely wiped out, but it's been worth it. This past weekend was one for my personal journal and calendar. I can't wait for our next Joplin weekend. It will be amazing too! *grin*


GREAT. *grin*

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