Friday, February 22, 2013

Snow Days #2 & #3

I will openly admit, I LOVE SNOW DAYS. I also realize this means that our current last day of school is May 21. That works for me, as it means that first day of break will be my BIRTHDAY. That works for me! I also enjoy the whole town/city having to shut down for a day. I can't even explain why that is, but I enjoy that. I haven't left the house since Wednesday. I'm not even climbing the walls yet. I'm thankful that I prepared for this storm on Monday, as it meant I have all I need for food and drink. *grin*

If you can believe it, I have spent my afternoons doing schoolwork. I always have something on the "to do" list, and have taken advantage of our days off to get some of that "to do" list done. That may seem strange, but I'll admit that I've had my television on at the same time as I have been in sweats all day. Trust me, I haven't minded at all. *grin*

Perhaps my favorite part has been sleeping in. Sleep is a hobby of mine, and I have REALLY enjoyed relaxing and sleeping in. It's been GREAT. *grin*

Jay has enjoyed the snow to an extent. We have cuddled a lot, and watched a lot of TV in the evenings. The first time he went out in the snow, he peed right on the front porch to avoid the snow. I laughed. Last night around midnight I took him out and he really got on the snow. The problem is that it's SO DEEP (10-ish inches) that he sinks in the snow and it scares him. Honestly, it has made me laugh a lot. He always moves back to the porch as soon as he sinks. It really is cute. Every time I think to take a picture he wants to go back inside, so I'm on a mission to get one before it all melts. The good news is that I have a few days before it can melt away, I believe.

I am so blessed by another four day weekend. While I couldn't get out and go to the GPR today, I was fine with that. Tomorrow I will continue with my routine of work in the afternoon. I'll admit though, I'm happy for the days off. I love my job, but I also like random days off too.


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